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Foundry on Elm is the latest addition to a swell community of restaurants in Davis Square Somerville, MA. It joins heavyweights such as Redbones, Diva, Orleans, Johnny D's and Flatbread. I had been wanting to visit them for a while but since I mostly frequent Davis Square restaurants for lunch and their soft opening only included dinner hours, I put it off until another time. Then a group of co-workers and my beau Carlos got together and we visited this Pub/Restaurant for some good booze and some salty food.

Foundry on Elm was quite abuzz with some company or industry event. Lots of free appetizers were floating about.

They were offering $5 '80s cocktails that night including this one: Sex on the Beach. I really wish I had gotten this one instead of what I had.

I got a Rapscallion Honey Pale, an ale from Holyoke, Massachusetts. It's an ale also served at Flatbread which is known for supporting local businesses so I was happy that Foundry on Elm was doing the same. My friend Lisa recommended the drink from when she had it at Flatbread so I gave it a try. It was delicious but I just can't have beer on a full stomach. Hence why I should have gotten the Sex on the Beach. If your stomach is not as sensitive as mine, then I would highly recommend getting this.

Lana got the Steak Frites which came with caramelized shallots, herb butter, fries and a green salad. It was the most normal thing on the menu for her considering she's a picky eater. She said she didn't care for the onions and the fries were salty but otherwise enjoyed it.

Carlos got the Foundry Burger with Swiss cheese and a salad as a side. He loved it so much that when I turned to look at his plate the burger was completely gone. He washed it down with his favorite local beer, Allagash White.

Carter got the Croque Monsieur (Neuske's ham & Gruyere) which came with salty fries and a pickle. I was eyeing this one but have been watching my calories so I skipped it. Carter said he enjoyed his meal.

Lisa got this work of art: a flatbread pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, balsamic reduction, scallions and goat cheese. She gave me a piece and I have to say it was nom-alicious!

I ordered an appetizer and a salad as a combined meal. Above is the fried calamari. You can't tell but buried underneath the mound of calamari to the left was a serving of basil aoili. At first I didn't see it, but discovered eventually by accident. I do not like eating fried calamari without some kind of dipping sauce so it was a welcome surprise. The calamari was delicious and super crispy but I had a few issues with it. They went heavy with the salt (a recurring theme at this restaurant) and they served it with fried basil leaves and fried lemon slices. Really? I already don't like it when restaurants fry cherry peppers to serve with their calamari but this was just ridiculous. I wanted some fresh lemon to squeeze over the top. Oh well. I would get this again regardless.

 Along with the Fried Calamari, I had a Caesar salad that came with parmesan crisp. It was a delicious salad and the crisps, albeit very salty, were still delicious and a great addition to the salad. However, the bottom of the salad was lined with three large pieces of romaine lettuce. It made the salad difficult to eat. Otherwise I would recommend it because it was light on the dressing and had a generous helping of croutons.

If you are in the Davis Square area, make sure to stop by Foundry on Elm to try out their unique variety of dishes and big selection of beer and drinks. Just ask them to hold the salt.


Megan said...

Great review! I've had that flatbread pizza too, and it is most definitely delicious! But how can you go wrong with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese?!

The1stdaughter said...

Oh my! That pizza looks divine. I'd love to stop by there if we're ever up that way, it all looks so delicious. Wonderful review!

j rose said...

I went today - I had the pear soup. It's crazy sweet but there's such potential. You have to try it.

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