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Sorry I haven't around much. Been concentrating on developing recipes for my column Thoughtful Eats on the Woburn Patch while also trying new recipes so I can advance my cooking knowledge.  So far it's been working but I also don't want to neglect this little haven of mine, so here I am!

A few weeks ago, Bill from Wilson Farm encouraged me to try a Miniola. I bought one to test it out and was a little disappointed by how fibrous and full of seeds it was. When I explained my experience with him, he told me to try it again and even cut me a piece to try it right then and there. Oh my! What a taste explosion that little bite was and I have been hooked on these ever since. Bill explained that fruit is always the most flavorful and juicy when it's in season. I concurred because what's more delicious than a summer peach? There have been so many instances of me biting into a luscious peach in August only to be wearing the juices on my chin.

My first bad Miniola was just a one-off because ever since then I've had nothing but juicy delicious ones. I buy anywhere from 6-8 each Friday and I'm lucky if I still have any in my fridge by Thursday. I take my pairing knife and remove the rind while also making sure to cut into the flesh a little bit. I take the sections of rind and run them along the bottom of my top teeth, scraping any meat off the inside (like you would with artichoke leaves). Once I get all the rind off, I cut the Miniola into 6 sections making sure flesh is exposed. The reason I do this is because the outside of each segment is really fibrous whereas the inside flesh is really tender and juicy. If you eat them by sections you'll be gnawing on the segment and not fully appreciating the juice inside. Instead, when I expose the flesh it gives me an opportunity to just eat that part and throw out the skin of the segment. It's really messy to eat these but boy is it worth it. I eat one at work almost every day and I make sure to bring my special paring knife (a gift from a great friend!) and load up on the paper towels.

If you can find a Miniola, buy one immediately. Nay, buy 5! You won't regret it. Make sure the Miniola is a bit firm to touch and that it feels heavy when you hold it in your hand. That's how you know you have a good one! 

And do make sure you buy your produce at a reputable place. Especially one that focuses on quality produce and great customer service. If you live near Lexington, MA, Wilson Farm is the place to go!

I may or may not have overdone it in the citrus-purchasing department. Eek!
(Miniolas, red grapefruit, cocktail grapefruit, lemons and limes)

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