Greek Festival 2012 Woburn, MA

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Carlos and I went to the Greek Festival in Woburn, MA again this year and had a blast. We mostly go for the delicious and authentic Greek food and pastries but it was also fun people watching, listening to music and see folks dressed in traditional Greek costumes dance.

We got two plates and a few sides and shared. Above you see Mythos Greek beer, a Beef Souvlaki plate with rice and a Greek salad. The beef was so tender and flavorful. Carlos kept talking about it for hours afterwards.

We also got a Pastitsio plate with came with rice and green beans in tomato sauce. Pastitsio is a traditional Greek casserole which is layered with macaroni noodles in a béchamel sauce, flavored with cinnamon, and in between that is a layer of ground beef. We also got a piece of Spanikopita (Greek Spinach & Cheese pie) and some Dolmathes (Grape leaves stuffed with rice). The dolmathes were warm and I prefer mine cold and pickled. Carlos loved them.

 I kept debating what I would get while we were standing in the extremely long and slow line waiting with other hungry festival goers for food. I ended up deciding on Pastitsio because I had been thinking about it all day and it was a reasonable $9 price (the other dishes ranged from $10-$16).

The best part was diving into a bunch of delicious Greek pastries. The Greeks know how to make some delicious desserts. On the top right is a generous piece of delicious Baklava. It was not too sweet, just sticky enough that you want to lick your fingers while you eat it and it was flaky and scrumptious. Below right was Galaktoboureko which is a phyllo dough stuffed with a custard and drizzled with honey or a sugar syrup.

My absolute favorite Greek dessert of all time Melomakarona which is a honey cookie topped with chopped walnuts. I love these even more than Baklava. My mom (we are not Greek even though we have dark hair and our last name ends in "os") makes the best Baklava and I'm sure she'd kill me if she knew I have a new favorite. Above the Melomakarona are Kourabiethes, which are sweet almond cookies in half moon shapes. They are dusted in powdered sugar. So delicious!

We had a great time at the Greek Festival and are already looking forward to next year!


bookyeti said...

Looks like you had a great (and yummy!) time. I went to a Greek Fest in Calgary and I will always remember it. The food was *amazing*. That Baklava looks incredible; it's my favourite dessert. Mmm!

Athena Ortiz said...

Yumm those desserts look great! I love greek desserts because they are not overly sweet. This looks like a great time, Ill have to keep an eye out for it next year!!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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