Weekly Meal Plan 6/13-6/19

I'm very excited because the Woburn Greek Festival is this weekend! My husband and I go every year (check out my previous reviews here and here). I'm looking forward to diving into a Plaki Plate (baked fish, beans, rice, salad and a roll) as well as treating myself to some Finikia cookies.

Saturday Soba Noodle Bowl 
Sunday – Ground Chicken & Herb Mini Meatloafs with Roasted Corn, Vinegar Mashed Potatoes and Lettuce Salad with Vinegar & Oil
Monday – Sloppy Joes with Steamed Green Beans & Cucumber Potato Salad 
Tuesday – Hoisin Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potato/Rice & Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Wednesday – Shrimp with Steamed Broccoli & Sauteed Mushrooms /Marinated Pork Chops with Rice and Carrot & Celery Sticks with Hummus
Thursday – Eggs, Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Sweet Potato/Steak, White Rice and Asparagus

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Weekly Meal Plan 6/6-6/12/14

Sloppy Joes
Last week I was on a business trip and the chaos of which led me to some unhealthy eating choices. I feel so much better now that I'm back and can take control over my meals again.

I've been feeling really good doing a low-carb diet. I've reduced my sugar intake and cut out a lot of pasta and try to only have bread or rice once a week or once every other week. My body responds well to this diet. I've been able to control my hypoglycemia, I have fewer issues with my IBS and some weight loss doesn't hurt either! I injured my IT band so if I want to continue my weight loss efforts with less exercise, diet will be the way to go!

Here's my meal plan for the week. I was very excited to find a recipe for Sheet-pan clambake! It looks very manageable and I'm going to reduce it so it works for one person.

FridaySheet pan Clambake for me and Southwest Meatball Skillet for my husband
SaturdayBaked Jalepeno Poppers  Tomato, Cucumber & Avocado Salad, Fried Thin Cut Steak/Tuna, Tostones
Sunday Sloppy Joes with Scallions and Cheese on top, Steamed Freezer Vegetables
Monday – Marinated Flank Steak, Roasted Baby Potatoes/Sweet Potato, Roasted Green Beans
Tuesday – Eggs, Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato - Hoisin Chicken, Cucumber Salad and Rice
Wednesday – Shrimp, Steamed Broccoli & Sauteed Mushrooms – Steak, Brown Rice and Asparagus
Thursday – Marinated Thick Cut Pork Chops and Steamed Mixed Vegetables

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