Halloween Party Spread

Alicia and Dana throw amazing parties. And the best aspect about their parties? Their fabulous spread of food. They put a lot of effort and time and thought into coming up with a creative and delicious spread of finger foods. Here are a few pictures of their Halloween spread. I've been to several of their parties and this spread was my favorite by far. Kudos to Alicia and Dana for doing such a great job.

Mummy Cupcakes, a Pumpkin vomiting Guacamole, brain dip, apples with caramel dip, a bean pate face, crackers, dates stuffed with walnuts and other goodness, black french onion dip with carrots and red pepper strips, shortbread cookie fingers, eyeball eggs.

Close up of the Face dip. So cool! Look at the attention to detail!

A few people said they didn't want to touch the Guacamole vomit. I think it looks fabulous.

These fingers were delicious. I had several. I wanted the ones with extra bloody stumps. 


QUB English Society said...


I wish I had the talent to do something like that. That pumpkin sicking up guacamole is awesome.

kate gabrielle said...

wow, this is awesome! I love the guacamole vomit :D

I did a Halloween party for my brother when he was 11, and it's the most fun baking/cooking I ever had. We dyed rice gray so it looked like maggots, and had eyeball cupcakes & donuts.. I love this holiday :D

Raquel S. said...

Niamhy - Isn't it so cool? I wish I were as talented as these girls.

Kate - The maggot rice and eyeball cupcakes and donuts sound great. What did you do for this Halloween?