Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant Kennebunkport, Maine

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I was on vacation last week and I took my mom up to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Maine. What's the first thing we did in Maine? Ate lobster sandwiches and had clam chowder. That's what you do here in New England especially since there are so many great places with top-notch fresh seafood.

My mother and I stopped at Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine where we had, what the waitress called, the perfect lunch. A cup of clam chowder and a lobster roll meal.

The clam chowder was absolutely delicious. Very creamy with satisfyingly big chunks of potatoes and clams. The scallions gave it an extra kick and the oyster crackers topped it all off.

The lobster roll was quite perfect. It had pretty much no dressing which allowed the lobster to remain the star of the show. I was fascinated my their coleslaw (which I will attempt to make in a future post) and their fries were kind of bleh. Overall I was really impressed by the food.

My friend Jonas from Sweden asked me why us New Englanders have a tendency of eating lobster in a roll. Lobster in a roll is much cheaper than purchasing a meal with a whole lobster. Thee amount of meat given is probably a bit shy of a whole lobster. It's easy to prepare since the meat is all lumped up and doled out on buns. No need to cook a lobster to order. Also, eating a whole lobster is very messy and the meat is hard to get to. So eating lobster in a roll is much easier and you can get at the meat in a more satisfying way.

It is very easy to make a bad lobster roll (McDonalds and D'Angelos are two such places where you'll find lobster roll disasters). The secret of a good lobster roll is to let the lobster's natural sweet flavor shine through and not to drown it in mayonnaise. So if you get Lobstah and Clam Chowda in New England, make sure you go to a reputable place like Mabel's Lobster Claw Restaurant!


Sarah said...

AAH I stayed in Kennebunk last summer! It was definately one of my favorite vacations, and if I remember correctly I walked by that restaurant! I bet that lobster was to die for.

Jonas Nordin said...

Swell post! So they have lobstah rolls at McDonald's? Good grief! They must be totally awful compared to the real deal. Here in Sweden they don't even try to outdo themselves with "domestic" dishes. Either they don't dare, or pickled herring isn't exactly McDonald's cup of tea. Ha!

rudyfan1926 said...

I learned something, McDonald's offers lobster rolls in New England. Who knew and wo would dare try one? The mind bogles!

Raquelle said...

Sarah - Cool!

Jonas & Rudyfan - Actually, McDonald's only tried the lobster roll for a limited time many years ago. It was a disaster I will never forget, especially after the bout of food sickness I got shortly after my experimentation with it.

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