Kielbasa, Sauerkraut and Perogies

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This is just a set up I created for a date night with my beau. I sauteed sliced kielbasa in a little bit of olive oil until nicely brown. Then I added some drained and rined sauerkraut and sauteed that for a little bit until it got some color from the kielbasa juices. I steamed some frozen perogies then sauteed them in some olive oil. I mixed everything together in a big plater and served with slices of sourdough bread and some dijon mustard.

Because it was a hot day and this meal is rather heavy, I prepared some tomato and cucumber sticks for snacking on. It's a great way to clear the palate in between bites of richness. I included a small bowl of salad dressing for dipping too.

Next time I'll have a nice plate of sliced Swiss Cheese, some bigger hunks of bread and perhaps some Thousand Island dressing along with the mustard.

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Kate Gabrielle said...

oh, if I wasn't a vegetarian!!!

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