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It's my birthday today and I would like take a moment out to thank two very special people.

Thank you to Carlos for all of your support. You've eaten pretty much everything I've given you with much gusto. You get excited about all the meals and desserts I prepare and you are by far my biggest fan in cooking and in life.

Thank you to Jonas for all the recipes, cooking advice and the early morning chats that help get me through the day. I'll never be a fancy a cook as you but at least I have something to strive for.

In the picture above: The flowers are from Carlos. He also got my parents a rockin' fruit basket from Wilson Farms for Thanksgiving. The mortar & pestle are from Jonas.

Mortar and Pestle on Foodista


Jonas Nordin said...

You are welcome! I'm proud to be your friend!

Raquel said...

Felicidades again! That's a lovely mortar and pestle. I totes want one! Maybe I'll snag my mother's unused (wooden) one next time I'm home! I hope you soon make an insanely delicious garlicky concoction with it! :)

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