Milk Chocolate Dipped Mandarin Oranges with Sea Salt

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A while back, I had seen a recipe on the Healthy Eats blog for Chocolate-Dipped Clementines with Sea Salt. I've been lusting for them ever since. However, clementines haven't been available at my favorite grocer Wilson Farm, in a while so I have been munching on delicious mandarin oranges instead. I can't complain since mandarin oranges are little packages of deliciousness. I decided to make this recipe with Mandarin oranges instead of clementines and this allowed me to justify the purchase of a nice big box of mandarins. This recipe is very simple but requires a lot of patience. All you need are three ingredients, some wax paper and some time and you'll have a delicious treat.


Baker's Chocolate - Dipping Chocolate - Milk Chocolate
Mandarin Oranges
Sea Salt

Prep your mandarin oranges by peeling them, separating the sections and removing any extra fibrous strings.

Heat the Baker's Chocolate Dipping Chocolate in your microwave per the package instructions. You may have to go back and zap it for 20 seconds a few times during the process as the chocolate continually cools and hardens.

Lay out some wax paper. Dip half of each mandarin section in the chocolate allowing excess to drip off. Place on the wax paper. I did batches of 20 or so sections at a time. Let them cool for a couple of minutes and lightly sprinkle on some sea salt, making sure each section gets some. Don't add sea salt too early as it will be absorbs into the hot chocolate and don't add it too late because it won't stick. Repeat the process until you run out of chocolate or mandaring oranges, which ever comes first.

Let the chocolate dipped mandarin sections cool for about an hour so they harden. I know, I know, they are beckoning for you to eat them earlier than that, but please exercise some patient. It's worth the wait.

There is something quite wonderful about the hit of the sea salt, the creamy, richness of the milk chocolate and the acidic and sweet juice of the mandarin orange. It's a party in your mouth.


Cookin' Canuck said...

These sound fantastic, Raquelle! I love the combination of salty and sweet, and the slight tartness of the mandarin oranges is a nice touch.

The1stdaughter said...

I'm absolutely trying these! Not only do I think I'll love them, but I think the Turkeybird will too. Hopefully they'll be on the healthier side of sweets for him. ;o)

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