Sparkling Sangria with Raspberries and Peaches

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I am venturing out into brand new territory here. I have never made a mixed alcoholic beverage and I really wanted to try one. There is a brand new liquor store that just opened in the same plaza as my favorite Market Basket. The store is run by a sweet older gentleman and it's a cute little store. It's so convenient that it will be really easy for me to pick up wine, rum and other things to test out new recipes with (like those Guiness cupcakes I made recently). The gentleman helped pick out a nice bottle of champagne and I made some sparkling Sangria with it.

My friends Alicia and Dana make a killer sangria which they serve in a bucket and it's alcohol content is so high you are sure to be drunk after one glass. My version is very very tame in comparison. Because this is champagne I'm using instead of regular white wine, you have to make it right before you serve it. Flat champagne is no fun. It's a great dessert too because the fruit soaks up the champagne and it's a nice sweet treat for afterwards.


one bottle of chilled champagne or sparkling wine
half a bag of frozen peaches
half a bag of frozen raspberries
4 heaping tablespoons of sugar

Serves 2 people

To a pitcher, add your sugar and champagne. Swirl with a spoon so the sugar can dissolve. Add your fruit and gentle stir. Pour into wine glasses making sure you get a good amount of fruit in there too. You can always just add the frozen peaches and raspberries to your glass first and then pour the sweetened champagne.

This isn't rocket science but it was good for my first try. I probably shouldn't have gone with an Extra Dry Champagne but oh well! It came out good anyways.


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Anonymous said...

I never made it with champagne I'll have to try it. Looks yummy :)

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