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Taipei Tokyo Cafe is a wonderful Japanese restaurant that is ridiculously convenient to me. There are two locations, one being a stone's throw from my work and another being a stone's throw from my home. It's a small restaurant that features great Sushi, Bento boxes and Lunch Specials. My friend and coworker Lisa and I go there regularly for some good quality food.

Lisa always gets the Oolong tea. It's served in this beautiful teapot.

Their Hot & Sour Soup is absolutely divine. A perfect combination of hot broth and tofu, seaweed, scallions, bamboo and egg. It's spicy and warming and a great deal at only $1.00 when you order a meal.

The Lunch specials range from $6 to $8 and they are a great deal. You a small plate, an egg roll with dipping sauce and a small bowl of rice. I got General Gao's chicken with broccoli and white rice. My favorite standby is usually their Jumbo Shrimp with Vegetables and brown rice.

Their Sushi is wonderful too. Very light, refreshing and tasty. Above is Lisa's plate of cucumber/avocado sushi rolls and sweet potato tempura rolls. I love the piles of ginger and wasabi. You get your own little plate to pour your soy sauce on to. My only complaint about this place is that perhaps the waitress (at one of the two locations) isn't all that friendly. However, it's a cozy place and the food makes the service tolerable.

It's a shame I haven't written about Taipei Tokyo Cafe before. In fact, it's a downright shame that I don't write about my favorite haunts. I hope to devote a few posts to a new small series called "Regular Haunts" in which I feature restaurants and other foodie haunts that I frequent.


Ivan said...

Sounds great! Maybe I missed the link, but is there an address for this place?

Thanks for your good work,

Raquelle said...

Sorry about that Ivan. They are in Somerville and Woburn, MA. I just added a link to the post to their website.

Bev / bookyeti said...

Oh.My.Word. That looks devine! Now I am very hungry!

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