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Back when Carlos used to work in Saugus, MA, he would frequent Lendy's, a New York Style deli. Lendy's is run by Leonard and Linda and I'm assuming the name is an amalgamation of both of their names. Lendy's is known for their homemade Chicken Soup (with noodles and you can get a Matzo ball in their too) as well as their Rueben. So when Carlos took me here recently, I went all out and tried Lendy's signature dishes.

Here is the chicken soup. I could tell that the noodles were homemade. The broth was light and not very flavorful. It's really all about the noodles and chunks of chicken. A cup of this soup was a great way to start the meal.

And here is the Rueben! You can customize your plate a few ways. You have a choice of bread, corned beef or pastrami and a side of either fries, potato salad, coleslaw or macaroni salad. I got a Pastrami Rueben on Light Rye with Macaroni Salad and a pickle. The Rueben was delicious. The light rye bread was perfect and there wasn't too much sauerkraut or pastrami and there was just the right amount of Swiss cheese and russian dressing to make it delicious. My only complaint was that the pastrami was on the fatty side. I like my pastrami super lean. The macaroni salad was interesting. Heavy on mayo but it also had cucumber, carrots and Spanish olives which made for a very tasty salad. The pickle was great. When Carlos comes here, he usually gets an Egg Salad sandwich on toasted Wheat Bread, a bowl of chicken soup (with extra crackers) and a side of pickles. The pickles are homemade, not as good as the ones from The Restaurant in Woburn, MA, but still delicious.

If you are in the Saugus area, make sure you skip over the Panera Bread next door and visit Lendy's for some chicken soup and a classic Rueben.

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Molly Mac said...

Raquelle - if you're looking for a killer rueben you've gotta go to Deep Ellum in Brighton... the best (just corned beef but it is very lean and sliced super thin). :)

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