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Here are some pictures from my dual-Thanksgiving. Next year, I'm abstaining from Turkey altogether and going to go with a Dominican/Portuguese spread for lunch rather than having two traditional Thanksgiving meals back-to-back. Hope you had a nice holiday.

Oh it was my birthday too. And I got two birthday cakes!


Mercurie said...


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Everything looked great I can imagine the variety! Happy Birthday too. 1 cake is never enough!

Anonymous said...

cake on Thanksgiving equals best thing ever.

The1stdaughter said...

So you got the extra birthday cake for me, right? LOL You look just about how I do at the end of the day on Thanksgiving/Birthday, happy but ready to pull up a seat on the couch and watch a great movie.

Okay, so is the great dane yours? Because I'm dying if that's the case. We want one so so bad, but can't have pets where we are right now, it's awful.

Raquelle said...

The great dane is Hamlet (get it, great dane, ha!) and he belongs to the family that Carlos and I had the second Thanksgiving with.

Danielle- Yes the second birthday cake was for you. I wish I could have sent you a few slices!

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