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Carlos and I went to Sea Dog Brewing Co. (see my review of the pub here) for New Year's Eve dinner. We were starving and showed up way too early for the festivities. Oh well. We looked very festive in our Happy New Year crowns.

I had a Sea Dog burger with a fried egg on top and a side of onion rings. I asked for the burger to be well-done so they brought it back charred beyond recognition instead. Oh well. I love eating burgers with fried eggs on top, part of my Portuguese heritage and my love of steak with fried eggs. However, this burger had too much bread and a bad burger patty to make it worth my while. The onion rings were as delicious as last time!

Carlos had a pork chop with peas and potatoes. I had a few bites and it was delicious. I hope Sea Dog will expand their menu. Their Woburn location has a very limited one and pickings were slim.

We finished off the meal with carrot cake. This was so sublime!

Even the raspberries were good!

nom nom nom

I had some sort of grape martini which was absolutely divine!

Carlos and I spent the rest of the evening at home, watching TV and drinking Peach-Raspberry Sparkling Sangria. It was a great way to ring in the New Years. Hope you all had a good holiday!

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The1stdaughter said...

So, a tad bit late, but Happy New Year! Have to say I love the New Year's crown on Carlos. Hehe. That pork chop looks divine and it looks like you guys had a fantastic time.

Our New Years was pretty low key, and if I remember right we were already in bed at midnight. LOL Yes, such is the life with kiddos.

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