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Carlos and I took a small roadtrip Friday evening to go look at potential wedding venues. One of the places we looked at was CruisePort in Gloucester, MA which happens to have a restaurant named SeaPort Grille. We decided to have dinner there while checking out the place.

You can't see it but behind Carlos there was some sort of Oyster bar with Oysters, large shrimp and lots of sauces. But there was no Oysters on the menu. Very strange! Trust me I looked.

Carlos had a plain Bloody Mary (they have a Shrimp Bloody Mary too). He didn't think it was spicy enough and I thought it tasted like it had a bit of clam juice in it. Once the ice melted enough, he abandoned the drink.

I had this drink: the SeaPort Swizzle. Dang this thing is potent. Mt. Gay Rum, lots of fruit juices, Grenadine and Rum Bitters. It packs a wallop and after one drink I left the restaurant a bit woozy.

I don't think I've ever had a stuffed lobster. When the waiter told me their regular sized stuffed lobster was only $22.95 (market price for that time), I went for it. That's a pretty good deal for a whole lobster which is stuffed with fish, scallops and shrimp! The breadcrumb topping was good but very crumbly. It could have been more moist so you could eat it with a fork. The rest of it was delicious and I guarantee you that I made short work of that lobster. Delicious!

My sides were asparagus and rice pilaf which were pretty good.

Carlos, who is not a seafood lover, had steak tacos. He didn't like them very much. 

We ordered a flourless chocolate cake and got this thing. Not very pleasing to the eye. I would have rather had a hot flourless chocolate cake, with a scoop of ice cream and only a little bit of sauce on top. This was a wedge of fudge drowning is a sea of more fudge. Blech.

Overall, our experience was so-so. Carlos hated the service, I thought it was okay. They forgot our order of calamari as an appetizer which is why we got dessert. Forgetting an order is NOT COOL. Bad SeaPort, bad!

If you are in the Gloucester area, take advantage of the restaurants. This is the place to get good quality and inexpensive seafood. But you may just want to skip SeaPort Grille.

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Athena Ortiz said...

Yikes! That dessert looks like an oil slick!!!

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