Fully Loaded Pancakes

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These pancakes are amazing! Inspired by a recipe I saw on Utilisima, these fully loaded pancakes pack a nutritional whallop! They are whole wheat banana, blueberry and walnut pancakes topped with my homemade Simple Strawberry Sauce. I'm always trying to find ways to incorporate blueberries and walnuts into my diet as they are super foods after all. So this was a really great way to add both to my Sunday brunch. These pancakes are delicious. They have great flavor with the banana and blueberries and the walnuts give them a nice texture. Add these to your Sunday Brunch repertoire and you won't be disappointed.

1 banana
2 cups of whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
2 eggs
2 cups of almond milk (or regular milk, not whole)
2 tablespoons of sugar

chopped walnuts
fresh blueberries
plain or honey sweetened yogurt (optional)
butter for greasing the griddle

Makes about 10 medium pancakes

Cut up a banana into chunks and add to a large mixing bowl. With your handheld blender, blend the banana until it's the consistency of baby food. Add the flour and baking powder and stir. Then add the eggs, milk and sugar and blend only until smooth and all the ingredients are incorporated. Do not over mix.

Heat up your griddle and grease with some butter. Add your desired amount of batter for the size of pancake you want and sprinkle fresh blueberries and walnuts over the top. Once the pancakes have popped bubbles over the surface flip and cook for a couple minutes.

Serve topped with Simple Strawberry Sauce, Maple Syrup, Yogurt and/or Flax Seed.

To make denser pancakes, you can use 1-1/2 cups of milk and 1/2 cup of yogurt in the batter instead of the 2 cups of milk. Alternately, you can grind up the walnuts and add them to the batter for a different texture.


The1stdaughter said...

Oh! Those look SO yummy! We are in the midst of the beginnings of strawberry season here and so I may be making these very very soon. Thanks!

I wonder if instead of regular yogurt you could use greek yogurt for some extra protein if you needed it? I wonder how it would change the taste if at all? We may have to try it! I'll let you know! :o)

Shannon said...

Pancakes are a favorite of mine! :) This looks like an awesome recipe..thanks for sharing! :)

Lisa @ Snappy Gourmet said...

I love adding stuff to my pancakes. These look great!

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

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