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Carlos and I had our wedding on July 7th, 2012 at the Henderson House in Weston, MA.

We haven't gotten our professional wedding photos yet so this is a mish-mosh of different photos from different sources. Above is the Reception room although it looked different on the night. We had 8 tables plus a sweetheart table in the back.

Source: Menu Card designed by JK Design

Above is our menu and below is the list of all the delicious food! The Henderson House chef and staff are super talented when it comes to creating delicious appetizers and meals. 



Baby Lamb Chops
Crab Cakes with Basil Aioli and Tomato Basil Relish
Fig and Goat Cheese Flatbreads
Tomato Bruschetta
Imported and Domestic Cheese Display with Fruit


 Antipasto Salad with Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, Red Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Romaine Lettuce and Red Wine Vinaigrette Dinner Rolls with Butter 


 Seared Beef Tenderloin Medallions, Horseradish Sauce, Oven Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes and Vegetable Medley with Fresh Herbs and Olive Oil 

 Lobster Ravioli, Sherry-Basil Cream Sauce with Vegetable Medley with Fresh Herbs and Olive Oil 

Vegan Tofu Milanese, Steamed Basmati Rice and Vegetable Medley with Fresh Herbs and Olive Oil 


 Wedding Cake from Bittersweet Woburn
 Assorted Mousse Shots (plus cookies!)
 Coffee, Tea and Decaf

We went to a tasting a few months before the wedding. It was a great opportunity to try out what the chefs had to offer and to pick things we liked and rule out things we didn't. We were really impressed with their Fig and Goat Cheese Flat Breads and their Crab Cakes (see above). We also really loved the fact that they did Baby Lamb Chops as an appetizer. It didn't cost any more as we had our pick of 4 passed hors d'ouevres and we thought it was a very unusual but very upscale pick. We hadn't tried the tomato bruschetta but thought it would be a basic appetizer that would please picky eaters and vegetarians too.

The salad was very good. Light and refreshing but also packed a punch in flavor. Artichokes, Kalamata olives, roasted red pepper, delicious!

For entrees, guests could chose from a Vegan, a Beef and a Lobster Ravioli entree. When we were at the tasting, we noticed that the chicken and pasta dishes (except ravioli) were the dishes we liked the least. And again, since it didn't cost us any extra we tried to chose the most delicious and upscale meals we could.

The Lobster Ravioli was divine. It was so good even Carlos, who never eats Lobster or any type of seafood except Calamari, loved it. The herbed vegetables were a delicious addition. Guests who got the Lobster Ravioli were served extra vegetable.

Then came the Beef Tenderloin medallions with the vegetable medley and super scrumptious potatoes. What you don't see in this picture is that there was a little bowl of horseradish sauce for adding to the plate. This was so good and what most people ordered.

I really wanted to try the Vegan entree but unfortunately the venue didn't give our sweetheart table the dish to try. They do vegan dishes on a regular basis and I had at least 3 vegan/vegetarian guests so it was nice to give folks options. 

For dessert, there were assorted mousse shots in strawberry, coffee and chocolate. These were divine and a great small cool treat on a hot day. It was nice because it wasn't a filling dessert and wouldn't compete with the cake. The venue also provided cookies which was a surprise to me and very nice of them.

Oh and the cake. Wow. What a beauty! This gorgeous Art Deco style cake in silver, grey and deep pink comes from my favorite bakery of all time Bittersweet Cake Shop in Woburn, MA. It's a bakery run by two sisters, Atosa and Panta, and they do the most amazing desserts including custom cakes. This cake had vanilla chiffon cake and whipped dulce de leche filling (more creamy than caramel) with fondant on the outside. If you are getting married anywhere in a 35 mile radius of Woburn, make sure your wedding cake comes from Bittersweet. You get an amazing cake from two very talented women for a very good price!

And it's true what they say, your guests enjoy the food more than the bride and the groom. I was running around so much I only got to eat one crabcake appetizer and was too nervous to eat most of my meal. Oh well. At least I got to enjoy a lot of it at the tasting!

We had a blast at the wedding. All the festivities, drinks and food were great and everything went off without a hitch. Although the planning was a nightmare so at the end of the day, I loved the wedding but was so relieved it was over. 


Megan said...

Congratulations!! You look stunning! All of the food sounds so good. We are also doing baby lamb chops for an app. The cake looks great too and Jeff would love the dulce de leche. We actually aren't going to do a cake, but I will still check that bakery out at some point!

The1stdaughter said...

How fantastic! I adore that! They really did an incredible job with the decorations and it sounds delicious. What a wonderful reception! I'm glad it all went off without a hitch, especially since I know how stressful it can be/was. It turned out lovely! :o)

Alice said...

Thank you for developing this website. The stories here are worth reading many times over in order to refresh us time and time again to do good and positive things and inspire or influence others to do the same.

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