Cocktails and Dessert @ Casablanca

My friend Kevin and I went out to Casablanca in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA) on Sunday evening for cocktails and dessert. This restaurant/bar is a great local haunt. It's in a great location, because it's situated right below my all-time favorite repertory theater the Brattle, which I talk about incessantly on my classic film blog (Out of the Past). It is very possible to watch the film Casablanca (1942) and then head downstairs to Casablanca to discuss the movie over drinks. I still dream of doing just that one of these days.

I'm new to cocktails, so I've been trying to experiment with different kinds to see what I like. I tried Casablanca's Raspberry Beret which was a very pretty cocktail of crushed raspberries, lemonade, prosecco and some other things I can't quite remember. It was refreshing but still had a punch to it!

Kevin had some profiteroles with ice cream and drizzles with chocolate and caramel sauces. It looked delicious!

This is the second time I've been out and had cocktails and dessert. It seems a fun way to spend an evening, chatting over drinks and sweets and is a little more sophisticated than drinking beer and watching sports!


Wendymoon said...

How could a classic film lover pass up a joint called Casablanca?

I'm more a drink and dessert person than a beer/sports person myself.

Delicious Dishings said...

I usually enjoy cocktails and dessert more than the rest of my meal. Love going out for just a little something like this. Still have not been to Casablanca though!