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I am over-the-moon-excited to be able to announce Thoughtful Eating's very first giveaway! Progresso just sent me a can of their new High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone soup to try out and review. I tried it for dinner in one of their soup mugs and with one of their soup spoons; a total Progresso experience. This new line of soups currently comes in 4 different flavors and boasts 28%


I'm very impressed with the High Fiber Homestyle Minestrone which had some good-size pieces of penne pasta, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, peas, celery, carrots, potatoes, greenbeans and spinach in a tomato broth. At first taste, it was noticeably bland. This is because the soup is low-sodium and when I added salt to taste the flavors really opened up. Soups really should come as low-sodium as possible to ensure freshness. Besides, it's healthier for you and you can add your own seasonings later. The tomato broth was really smooth and not watery at all. It has just the right flavor with no sign of acidity. The potatoes, penne pasta, peas, garbanzo beans and red kidney beans really held up. The green beans, carrots and celery were a bit mushy and could have been a bit bigger in size. I judge canned soup by the ratio of liquid to ingredients. By the time you've eaten up all of the yummy ingredients swimming around in your bowl, how much liquid is left? To me a bad soup has a higher ratio of liquid to ingredients. This particular soup had a pretty good ratio and what liquid was leftover was nice and thick and I felt like I had more soup to eat rather than more liquid to drink. The soup was filling and I think that's because of the various beans and the pasta.

I wish Progresso would tell us how they added the extra fiber. They claim that each soup has 7 grams of fiber per serving and serves as 28% of the average person's recommended fiber intake. With my stomach issues, my doctors have recommended increasing the fiber in my diet so eating these soups will be very beneficial to me. But where does that extra fiber come from?

Progresso's High-Fiber soup comes in four flavors. Creamy Tomato Basil, Hearty Vegetable and Noodles, Chicken Tuscany and Homestyle Minestrone. I would like to try all four but the only other one that calls out to me is Hearty Vegetable and Noodles.


Here are the rules for the giveaway!

1) Tell me which of the four Progresso High-Fiber soups you are most interested in. You can tell me in the comments section of this post or e-mail your pick to QuelleLove at gmail dot com.
2) Get your entry in by December 29th, 2009.
3) The winner will be announced here on December 30th.
4) If you are a winner, be willing to provide me with your name, a mailing address and e-mail address. Progresso will be mailing you your winning package.
5) Although I'm asking you which flavor you are most intersted in, you cannot chose which soup you will get in the giveaway package. Progresso will pick that at random. Sorry!

Here is what you can win:

1 can of Progresso High-Fiber soup. 2 Progresso soup mugs with lovely thumb rests and 2 Progresso soup spoons.

Progresso Giveaway


Megan said...

Yum! I love Progresso soups and am always trying to find ways to add more fiber to my diet. The creamy tomato one sounds awesome, as does the hearty vegetable and noodle one.

mumfusa said...

who doesn't need more fiber in their diet? fiber is the new black.

in other news, the chicken tuscany soup sounds delicious because (a) it's got chicken in it and (b) those chickens are from tuscany. anyone or anything from tuscany has got to be fantastic. as a matter of fact, can the giveaway be a flight to tuscany? cause i'd be on board with that.

Jonas Nordin said...

Wow! Sponsors! Cool!
The Tuscany Chicken is probably the one I would try first.

If I ever start a food blog, one idea I've had is to make it a canned food blog. Why not? Reviews of all sorts of canned products. And I could use the name "It's in the can!"

There is something classic and timeless with canned food. You can store cans for almost a lifetime in almost whatever temperature you like. I once found a can that had been left behind in the cupboard for almost ten years. Had it turned bad? Nope!

Tommy Salami said...

I like Progresso soups best, probably because my grandmother instilled a love of the brand. And they make yummy Italian-style tuna.
I'm most interested in the Chicken Tuscany, because it seems like it would benefit most from the fiber.

pjowens75 said...

Progresso is the only brand of canned soup that I get. After having grown up on Campbells, imagine my shock when I moved away from home and discovered that soups didn't have to be mixed with a can of added water!

And their Minestrone is one of my favorites. Im anxious to try the High Fiber one.

jonbonjovious said...

chicken tuscany!!

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