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My office had a craft fair in which employees that are creative on their own time can bring in their goods to showcase and to sell. I decided this was a good opportunity to showcase my talent as a baker. So last Tuesday, I brought in baked goods that I have posted about here on Thoughtful Eating.

I spent the night before baking and trying to figure out how much I wanted to sell each item for. I wanted my goods to be affordable but I also didn't want to lose money.

The craft fair was held in a conference room and I had one corner of a large table. Here is what the set up looked like:

I sold Vegan Almond-Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes for $0.50 each.

I sold miniature Chocolate Chip-Banana Bread loves for $3.00 each. One of the loaves came out smaller and had a corner missing (from not coming out completely from the loaf pan), so I downpriced that loaf to $2.00.

Finally I did bags of Hazelnut-Toffee-Chocolate Chip cookies for $1.00 a bag. Each bag contained 2 cookies.

I even had Thoughtful Eating business cards for people to take. These mini-cards were created by Moo and came from my sponsor Foodbuzz. It was a great opportunity to get some folks acquainted with my blog.

In all I made $27.00. I sold all 9 bags of Cookies ($9), all 5 breads ($14) and 8 out of the twelve cupcakes ($4). In hindsight, I shouldn't have labeled the cupcakes "vegan" as that turned some people off. I might have sold them all if I had just labeled them as Almond-Raspberry-Chocolate cupcakes. Oh well. All in all, it was a success. If I get a chance to do this again next year, I'll bring more volume of things I think will sell. I could have sold 20 bags of cookies rather than just 9.

I got a lot of compliments from my customers and I was really glad everyone enjoyed the treats.

Happy Holidays!

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