Yogurt with Strawberries, Kiwis, Toasted Almonds and Coconut

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I was at Wilson Farms on Sunday and picked up some sexy looking strawberries and kiwis. While in the checkout line, I wondered what I could make that paired these lovely fruits. Maybe I could chop them up and put them on some yogurt. Mmmmhmm. Yogurt. Yes that sounds nice. How about some honey or agave nectar drizzled over the top? No no. The fruit will be sweet enough. But its still needs something else. Granola? A nice crunch to add to the softness of the yogurt and the fruit. Should I make my own granola or buy it? Huzzah! I've got it. I have leftover sliced almonds and shredded coconut. I can toss some of that together, toast it and top the yogurt and fruit off. It's a tropical parfait!

The result? Absolutely friggin' delicious. I'm never putting granola on yogurt again. Toasted coconut and almonds always please. I really hope you'll try this. It would be fun with lots of other combinations. Maybe strawberries and mango or mango and kiwi. Maybe some papaya?! Have fun with it.


Plain yogurt
Fresh Strawberries roughly chopped
Kiwis roughly chopped
sliced almonds
shredded coconut

In a skillet, add equal parts almonds and shredded coconut. Over a medium-low heat, dry toast the almonds and coconut stirring occasionally. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn. Set aside to cool.

Chop your strawberries and kiwis.

Add yogurt to individual bowls. I used plain lowfat yogurt because this dessert is more about the toppings than it is the yogurt, so you don't want the flavor of the yogurt to compete with that. 

Top the yogurt with the fruit and the toasted almonds and coconuts. Enjoy responsibly.

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