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On June 26th, 2010, Carlos and I celebrated our very first Anniversary! We decided to celebrate by recreating our very first date by having dinner at Ixtapa, a local Mexican restaurant chain. We also wore the exact same clothes that we had donned that day just one year ago. The plan was also to order the same food which Carlos did but I decided to try something different.

To drink, I had a Melon Margarita, blended with ice. It was pretty bad. Tasteless with chunks of ice floating in the liquid. I should have gone with a regular Margarita in a different flavor.

It looked pretty though!

Carlos got Modelo especial which is his second favorite beer, after Allagash.

We indulged in some chips and salsa. The salsa is more like a fresh sauce. It's absolutely delicious with the freshly fried tortilla chips. They are still warm when they bring you the basket. Mmm...

Next up, our food. Here Carlos is diving in to a big plate of Chile Verde which is slow cooked pork in a green sauce. It's served with the house rice, refried beans, lettuce and tomatoes. Carlos did some serious damage to that plate and it was gone in an instant.

I'm more of a lightweight so I got the Veggie Combo. It comes with one cheese enchilada, a tostada with beans, lettuce and tomato and house rice. Pretty decent plate!

Some flirting was involved for sure.

Finally, dessert. On our first date, we shared a flan so it was an absolute must that we do the same for our anniversary. Unfortunately, we were so full from the drinks, chips and salsa and our meals that we took a couple of bites and took the rest home with us. What perplexes me is that they put whipped cream and chocolate sauce on the flan. No no no no no. That is NOT right. Flan should stand on its own and need only be dressed with it's own light caramel sauce.

All in all, it was a great date. I'm so happy to be with Carlos. He's the love of my life and a big supporter of my cooking and this blog. Here's to another great year with a lot more love and food!


John Hayes said...

Sounds like a wonderful time--very happy for you both!

KC said...

Ah--you guys are cute! Happy anniversary. I'd have thought that was an ice cream sundae if you hadn't said that it was flan. Blech.

Raquelle said...

John - Thank you so much!

KC - Ha ha Thanks. I know. It does look like a sundae. Whipped cream and chocolate sauce is suitable for a sundae but NOT a flan!

abby mumford said...

aww, what a sweet celebration of an even sweeter romance.

viva l'amour.

(i'm pretty sure i just combined about 3 different languages. i'm still looking for MY romance language, so i'll continue to live vicariously through you).

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