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Foodbuzz gave us as Tastemakers an opportunity to test out Kellogg's newest incarnation of the Special K brand, Special K with Fiber. As someone who has digestive difficulties, getting fiber into my diet is very important. I can't stress enough the importance of digestive health for your physical and emotional well-being. With all the different types of food we eat, especially ones that are rather difficult to digest, having some fiber helps things along so to speak.

Now, I've been taking a daily dose of ground flaxseed daily. I usually sprinkle it on my cereal. Fiber cereal plus flaxseed? Overkill! It was too much for me. I need a lot of help so I couldn't really do without the flaxseed. However, if you need a little bit of help and want a cereal that is low in calories, delicious, nutritious and has the added benefit of having fruit, I would highly recommend Special K with Fiber.  If you are like my beau Carlos, and a little bit of fiber is already too much, then I would recommend just trying another Special K cereal without the added fiber.

What you may not know, is that before I started taking flaxseed I had lots of digestive issues.  My gastroenterologist declared my digestive system "lazy". Basically, it takes me longer to digest than your average person. Some days, I would feel just rotten. My stomach felt like someone detonated a hand grenade inside. So on those days, I would try to just eat a bowl of Special K cereal for dinner. It was mild enough that my stomach would have a relatively easy time digesting it.

Now Special K is advertising that the added fiber helps with weight loss. I'm no nutritionist so I can't vouch for that. They have a money-back guarantee that the low calorie and high fiber cereal will help with your weight management. I don't think that that is where the strength of the cereal lies but far be it from me to tell the company how to pitch their product. I encourage you to try this cereal if you have some relatively mild digestive issues and want to start off your day by giving your system a boost.

Thank you to Foodbuzz for sending me a box of Special K with Fiber (red berries) to try out!

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abby mumford said...

this might be TMI, but when i too was having major tummy trouble, all i could eat was special K. it's gentle on the stomach and delicious.

i know that fiber in food is the new black, but i don't know that i need the extra fiber persay...i do know that i will keep on noshing on special K original flavor. YUM!

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