Episode: True Life - I'm Addicted to Food

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If you haven't seen this already, I highly recommend that you do. True Life is an MTV series that looks at the lives of young people through important topics and themes. In this episode, 2 young people who are addicted to food are profiled. They way young people are abusing their bodies by misusing food scares me. Just thinking of how much fast food I ate as a child and how many health problems resulted from it (reactive hypoglycemia, lactose intolerance, digestive issues, ulcer in the esophagus), I've been really thinking about how we need to help people, of all ages, understand that their bodies are their temples and this type of abuse will cost them in the long run. If you have 40 minutes to spare, please watch this!


Jonas Nordin said...

Christ allmighty! Those girls are having serious problems! Where are the guys? Are there no guys having these problems? Parents need to be stricter with their kids eating habits so they never derive way off the map like they have for these girls.

Anonymous said...

I seriously wanted to puke when I saw this episode. These girls disgust me, and I don't believe for one second that a thing like food addiction exists. Want to lose weight? Put down the fork and go to the gym..

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