Southampton Wedding Eating Adventure - Day 3

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The third day of our adventure started off pretty rocky. First we tried to have breakfast at Oso Restaurant.

But it turns out they open late on Sundays and we were hungry.

Also, I really wanted to swim in the pool and even though the receptionist told us it would be open Sunday May 1st it turns out she BLATANTLY LIED TO US and it opened May 15th. Clearly, I was not happy.

So instead, we went out to a place called Shippy's to see if they had breakfast. But they didn't. Not only that! I got a flat tire. Grrr. So we walked to The Golden Pear to eat before we replaced the tire.

I had a mini egg and cheese sandwich. It was on a whole wheat roll and had Vermont Cheddar Cheese! Have I told you how much I LOVE Vermont Cheddar Cheese?!

Then I had a mini version of the Hearty Oatmeal with brown sugar, berries, bananas and cinnamon that I had the day before. Wonderful!

Somehow we made it to the Ferry after having to swap my flat tire for my spare tire, inflate my spare tire and drive to the ferry to make it in time. We made it by the skin of our teeth! Only 5 minutes before it left. Phew.

On the Ferry, I got a Turkey Club on Whole Wheat. The sign said pickles. There were no pickles in the sandwich. There were also no tomatoes. I was not a happy camper.

But the best part was that we made it home safe and sound. And even with the long journey home, it was still a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading!

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