Holiday Gift Guide - Foodie Presents Under $100

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If you didn't take my money saving advice and you are dead set on getting Christmas presents for your beloved foodie, here are some great options for under $100!


I still dream of having a Mandoline slicer one. To be honest, I was super bummed when no one picked this as a gift from my wedding registry. One day I will have a Mandoline slicer! One day! It's a very versatile tool and slices vegetables and fruits evenly.


This is a Garlic Press that also slices! This one comes with a cleaning utensil that will get garlic out of all the little crevices making clean up really easy. The utensil even attaches to the inside of the press so you don't have to worry about losing it. I don't hand chop fresh garlic anymore. This garlic press/slicer does a better job than I would ever do!

$25, $50, $75, $100 and up

A great option for a loved one or family member who lives in Eastern Massachusetts is a gift certificate to Beacon Grill in Woburn, MA. I have reviewed this place more than once. It's a wonderful fine dining experience with top-notch food, drinks and service. You can't go wrong with Beacon Grille.


Foodies love The Smitten Kitchen blog for it's fine photography and for Deb Perelman's commitment to good food made well. These are time tested recipes that have been fine tuned to perfection. Any foodie will love having this cookbook!


Julia Child was the quintessential chef. She is so entertaining to watch and you'll learn a few things too. Any foodie will revel in his or her nostalgia with this DVD of Julia Child's classic show.

Sale Price at Williams-Sonoma is $69.95

I have had this knife for many years and it's so versatile. I can do almost all of my chopping with it. All you need is this knife, a good pairing knife and a good serrated knife and you are all set.

2-stage is $19.95
4-stage is $29.95

Pair the above with this sharpener for a complete gift!

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Laura said...

Nice list! I can heartily recommend the Oxo Mandoline Slicer, the Wusthoff sharpener, and the Julia Child DVD set as I use and enjoy all three. :) I think it's amazing that Julia is still teaching cooks like me decades after those shows were filmed.

I just got the mandoline a couple years ago after wanting one for ages. It's kind of a pain to clean -- so sharp, you have to be really careful -- but for things like slicing potatoes it is super-fast!

I've got a garlic press but haven't seen one like this that's a slicer! Now that's something really handy I could use! Thanks for a great tip.

Best wishes,

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