Black-Russian Cake

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My friend H. recently made a delicious Black Russian Cake for a movie night (read about the movie night here). The recipe comes from AllRecipes and according to H. it's pretty authentic and the results are similar to the cake she's had in Russia when she lived there. It was a delicious cake. Firm on the outside, soft in the middle and covered in a delicious glaze. It's just the right combination of chocolate and coffee flavors. H. shared some pictures with me that I thought I'd share here with all of you. I hope you'll take the opportunity to make this cake. What other time will you be able to cook with vodka and Kahlua?!

Cake batter in H.'s new bundt pan.

H.'s dog Asher was tired after working so hard helping H. with the cake.

A beautiful shot of the cake from above after it was glazed.

The glaze is a combination of Kahlua and confectioner's sugar. Mmm...

Cake is done! Time for a nap.

Black Russian Bundt Cake

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