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Carlos and I were looking at potential Wedding venues a little while ago. We crammed in 5 visits into one afternoon with the final visit being to Gloucester House. Having dinner there was a nice way to end a long day.

See the Portuguese flag?!

The inside of the dining room was dark and romantic. Our visit was during dusk so it got darker as the evening progressed. While it did rain earlier that day, there were plenty of people on the porch having their dinner outside. I had fun people watching and I particularly loved watching people devour their lobsters.

Just up the road is the famous Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial. This little lamp, which provided us enough light to see our meal, was a nice little tribute to that memorial.

 We ordered a pitcher of Sangria. It was delicious and weak enough that even after drinking the entire pitcher, neither of us were buzzed. We had a long drive home ahead of us so it was nice not to have to worry about driving home.

 Carlos and I usually get Calamari as an appetizer but the menu listed it at $13.99 which was way too expensive for us. Because almost all of the appetizers were seafood, and Carlos only eats calamari, tuna and crabcakes, he decided to skip an appetizer altogether. I really wanted to try their Raw Oysters so I got two! I know that sounds like a piddling amount but this set me back $5.50! They were delicious and the experience reminded me that I need to eat Oysters more often. I'm definitely missing out.

Carlos got the beef steak tip kabobs which came on a bed of rice pilaf. The very nice waiter (I think his name was Kevin) brought it over with A1 sauce which earned him major points! Carlos loves A1 but always has to ask for it. The waiter was thoughtful enough to think of it ahead of time. Kudos to him! He was super nice and treated us very well. I wish more waiters were like him. (Hey, Gloucester House, give him a raise!)

I ordered the Shrimp Plate which was on that evening's Specials menu. The shrimp were delicious plump and sweet. I'm so used to butterflied shrimp that it's always a treat to eat shrimp like this! It was served on a bed of rice pilaf with a side of zucchini, summer squash, onions and tomatoes. Both of our meals came with a little container of Apple-Cranberry relish which was a very welcome palate cleanser.

We capped off the meal with a slice of freshly made Key Lime Pie. The crust was perfection and the filling was nice and creamy. Carlos loved it but I had mixed feelings. The filling tasted like soap to me.  Carlos really wanted a Cappuccino but at $5.50 it was a bit too expensive. It does come with an amaretto cookie and a biscotti. We tried to get a cheaper cappuccino without the cookie and biscotti but that's the set price. Oh well.

Overall, Gloucester House had delicious food and very friendly service. The prices are a bit steep so if you come visit make sure you are ready to spend.

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Megan said...

Hope the wedding plans are going well. Checking out venues was so much fun!

That does sound really expensive for calamari, but it sounds like you enjoyed the meal.

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