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I'm extending the deadline to 9/10 so you still have a chance to enter! See the original post below:


I really love Goya. As a Latina, I grew up with Goya products because frankly Goya provides all the key ingredients needed for a variety of Latin cuisines. My mother is Dominican and she uses Sazon Goya, Goya Chicken Bouillion, Goya Sofrito, Goya Guava Jelly, Goya Beans (canned and dry in bags), Goya Olives and Capers and Goya Fideos on a regular basis. I like to buy the Goya Beans (the low sodium canned kind), their hominy, canned corn, canned tomato sauce, olives, capers, garlic powder, cinnamon sticks, frozen plaintains, corn meal, chicken bouillion and beef bouillion. Goya products are really inexpensive. I always check the Goya section first before I buy any spices, herbs, sauces, olives, capers, beans and rice before I pick up these products in another section of the store. Chances are, if they are in the Goya section they will be cheaper and better quality. I stopped using canned or boxed chicken or beef broth a long time ago. I buy a big box of the chicken bouillion packets. Each packet gives me 2 cups of chicken broth. With multiple packets in a $1.99 box, I save a lot of money and space by sticking to bouillion. I just make sure I dilute it with boiling water. Goya products take up a good amount of real estate in my pantry and I believe in their slogan, Si Es Goya, Tiene Que Ser Bueno (If it's Goya, it has to be good).

Goya is celebrating their 75th birthday this year! If you look for Goya products with the "Match Your Birthday" logo on them, buy them! Collect the wrapper or box! It'll have 1 number on it. If you collect enough that you can number out your birthday (for single digit months it works with 0X), then you can enter their contest to win $75,000. I've been keeping my canned bean wrappers but haven't been able to get my birthday or Carlos' yet. They also have various birthday contests. Find more info about it here.

Goya provided me with the opportunity to give away one of their recipe boxed sets. Each boxed set contains 6 booklets featuring a different type of Latin cuisine including: South America, Central America, the Carribean, Mexico, Spain and Latin Fusion.

Each booklet contains information about the different cuisines, a list of the staples of each as well as recipes which include some Goya products as ingredients. One side of the booklet is in English:

and the other is in Spanish! I had fun reading the Spanish version. I'm fluent but could always use an excuse to brush up on my Spanish reading skills.

To enter, just fill the form below and tell me which of Goya's products is your favorite. The contest ends SEPTEMBER 10TH! and is only available to US residents (because I have to mail this myself!). Good luck!

Full Disclosure: I love Goya. Goya contacted me about hosting this giveaway and provided me with 1 boxed set to keep and 1 to give away. I received no compensation and my love for Goya products is genuine.

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