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Lisa and I went to Blue on Highland on Highland Ave in Needham, MA. We needed to have a light lunch before the main event, which was a trip to the famed Treat Cupcake bar which was right down the street. The decor of Blue on Highland was very chic and sparkly. The dining area is very open and it wasn't very busy during lunch time. They opened the front window panels because it was a hot summer day. This didn't really do much since the restaurant is so close to the street and the view is of a commuter rail station and a gas station. So we opted for a corner booth instead of a streetside/indoor table.

We started off with some iced teas. I liked this iced tea because it was heavy on lemon flavor. It proved to be a very refreshing drink for a hot day.

Lisa got a Turkey Meatloaf with Apricot Ketchup and Sweet Potato Fries. She let me taste some and I thought the meatloaf was very moist and tender. The apricot ketchup tasted more like a barbecue sauce to me. I don't care for sweet potato fries but these were excellent. Lisa wasn't totally enamored with the meatloaf considering a friend of hers made the most amazing meatloaf she's ever had and since then other meatloaves pale in comparison.

I really needed something light so I opted to go for a salad. But it had to be substantial to so I chose their Chicken Cobb Salad. I wasn't all to happy with it. The presentation was nice and the tomatoes, chicken, avocado and bacon were great but I really didn't like the blue cheese or the dressing. It was so-so.

I wouldn't recommend Blue on Highland as a destination. Don't go out of your way to eat there. But if you are in the Needham area and need a nice place for lunch stop by!

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John Hayes said...

Damned with faint praise--or as Lord Peter Wimsey said, Praised with faint damns!

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