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Imari Fusion, which is now called It Rains Fishes, in Winchester, MA was the focus of a recent Summer Friday outing. Lisa and I headed out to Winchester but were a bit confused trying to find the place. Imari changed both their name and their entrance. So we passed it completely until we realized we were really looking for It Rains Fishes. When that debacle was over, we found ourselves seated and in front of a very interesting menu which combined Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisines.

We started off with drinks. I had the most amazing Sparkling Limeade. It was the perfect combination of sour, sparkling and sweet. Yum! I made sure I left a lot so I could drink the rest for dessert.

Lisa had this beautiful Thai Iced Tea.

Lisa and I shared an appetizer of Steamed Dumplings with Shrimp and Pork filling. They were very tender and delicious when dipped in the soy sauce. Mmm...

We ordered two lunch combination boxes both of which came with a bowl of Miso soup. I didn't care for it. It was cloudy when stirred but all the grit sank to the bottom. I later found out that the grit was the miso paste. I also didn't like that there was only an insignificant amount of tofu, vegetables and scallions in the soup. So this was definitely a pass.

Lisa got the Bul Go Gee Combination box. She let me try some and the Bul Go Gee, a Korean Barbeque beef with a sweet marinade, was absolutely divine.

Each combination box came with a few California rolls, some dumplings (the same we had for an appetizer but fried), a salad, white rice, soy sauce and your choice of meat or vegetable. I got Vegetable Curry which was heavenly. Very spicy and sweet with lots of vegetables. I wish the vegetables were next to the white rice so I could mix them together! Otherwise this was an amazing box. I'd definitely get it again.

I wish my beau Carlos enjoyed Asian food as much as I do. He would love this place. But lucky for me, I have a good friend like Lisa who is as adventurous as me when it comes to eating out and different types of cuisine. 

Definitely try Imari Fusion/It Rains Fishes. I went here upon the recommendation of the Hidden Boston (Twitter/Facebook/Blog) who referred to it as a "hidden gem".

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Alison said...

That does look like a tasty meal, i can literally taste the dumplings now! Though i am not a big fan of the new name.

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