Greek Festival - Woburn, MA

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Carlos and I went to the Woburn Greek Festival hosted by the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church. This festival features games, live music (in the evening), tours of the church and best of all, lots and lots of delicious Greek food. The Festival was very well-organized, the food did not disappoint and while we spent quite a bit of money on food it ended up being a very good deal for all that we got. There are numerous Greek Festivals in the area and I overheard someone say that the Woburn one was fairly priced when compared to the others. Also, it didn't hurt that we lived very close by and that it was an easy walk there too so that saves us on gas and parking fees. Here is what we had:

Carlos got a bottle of Greek Red wine and I got a bottle of Greek Ouzon Soda. Ouzon is an anise-flavored sparkling soda that is sweetened with pure cane sugar. I don't normally drink soda but I thought I'd try out this Greek specialty. The soda is pretty sweet and the anise gives it a nice kick. It did make me wish I brought a bottle of water though. I was pretty thirsty after drinking it.

Carlos got the Roast Lamb plate which came with a roll, green beans in a tomato garlic sauce and a side of rice pilaf. The green beans were definitely from a can but the great sauce made up for it. I had some of the roast lamb and it was very good.

I got the Pastitsio plate which came with the same sides. Pastitsio is a Greek lasagna made up of ground beef in a tomato sauce, macaroni or another type of tubed noodle and topped off with a nutmeg flavored bechamel sauce. It's really quite delicious!

Sampling the desserts was the best part of the evening. We got 4 to try. Baklava (filo dough, walnuts, sugar, honey), a Greek cake I didn't catch the name of, Finikia (cinnamon and orange cookies, soaked in honey and topped with walnuts) and Kourambiethes (crescent shaped butter cookies coated with powdered sugar). My favorite was the Finikia and Carlos' favorite was the Kourambiethes. The Greek cake was so so and while I love Baklava I thought theirs was too soggy. My mother makes an amazing Baklava, a recipe which she has been perfecting for 30 years now. She goes light on the honey so the baklava stays crispy. It's so much better that way in my honest opinion.

Auw Carlos don't be shy!

Overall, I loved the experience. We'll be back next year for sure!


The1stdaughter said...

Oh my goodness! That picture of Carlos is too funny! LOL Love it!

Seriously though, this looks like such a fun festival and the food looks fantastic! How fun!

Raquelle said...

Danielle - Carlos loves to ham it up for the camera! :-) It was a great experience. I hope there is a Greek festival near you so you can experience it too.

John Hayes said...

How fun! I love Greek food, & you just can't get it in the wilds of Idaho. When I saw that pic of you, I thought for a second you were tipping up a bottle of actual Ouzo, not soda!

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