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Last Thursday, I got to meet Tom of Pluck You, Too! and his firecracker bride Sarah in New York City.  I've been online friends with Tom for quite a while, we are Twitter, Facebook and blogging pals, so it was great to have an opportunity to meet him in person. Both Tom and Sarah love Anthony Bourdain's Brasserie Les Halles. They go to the downtown location but were willing to come meet me at the other location so I could walk there from my hotel. (I'm afraid of taxis so I really appreciate them going out of their way to meet me!)

I started off my meal with some bread and butter and a cold glass of some type of white beer. I forget the name! I asked the waiter for a recommendation for a light beer and he suggested this one. It was cool and crisp and delicious! Perfect for a muggy New York evening.

Sarah ordered her favorite appetizer: Crouton de Coulommiers rotis au miel et poivre. And there was no getting in her way. It was going to be ordered whether I liked it or not. The appetizer was two slices of french bread toasted with a wedge of warm, goeey brie topped with freshly cracked pepper and honey. It was served with a frissee salad with light dressing and walnuts. Oh my goodness. It was divine. Didn't need the pepper though!

For my meal, I got the Portugaise Frites which was a humongous pot of mussels steamed in a white wine broth complete with bits of chorizo and kale, sliced garlic and onion. It could have used more kale! It was very delicious and I ate every last mussel. I took Tom's advice and made sure to dip a few pieces of bread into the broth to soak up the juices. Mmm...

It came with a big plate of fries on the side. The fries were so-so. Not very well seasoned but super crispy. They weren't very good for soaking up the juices so I didn't eat many of them.

It was a great evening full of great drinks, great food and great friends. Thank you Tom and Sarah for having dinner with me! I had a wonderful time.

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Thomas Pluck said...

We had a wonderful time as well! It was great meeting you. We look forward to visiting you and Carlos in the Boston area and trying one of your favorite restaurants soon!

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