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I guess you can say I'm an adventurous eater. I've eaten many strange things in my past and I like to try lots of international cuisines. And while there are some things I won't touch, you could take me to practically any restaurant and I can find something I'd like. My co-workers are not as adventurous as I am. I happened to mention to someone that I really wanted to try Smorgas Chef on 37th and Park Avenue. I didn't suggest to them that they should go, just that I would go. Then it became this huge debacle of whether we should go and then I got shot down. Which angered me because I would have been happy to go by myself, I didn't invite them and I didn't appreciate being rejected for something I didn't propose. ::breathing:: Anyways, I went to Smorgas Chef eventually by myself. In the meantime, we went to this very boring restaurant called Madison and Vine (they don't have a website!).

When one of the waiters came by with a big basket of whole grain and sourdough bread, I was really excited. The bread was cold. Blech.

My entree was very delicious though. Wild trout served with capers and a light wine and cream sauce and a side of roasted vegetables.


Here's a close-up of the vegetables! A delicious mix indeed. Overall, the food I had was excellent and I cleaned my plate. The most interesting thing I saw I unfortunately didn't get a picture of. It was a side order of asparagus that came with several gigantic stalks of steamed asparagus which were topped with a micro-green salad and served with chive goat cheese in between to slices of toasted baguette. Oh my goodness. I kick myself for not ordering that. If you ever visit this restaurant, GET THE ASPARAGUS!

I had  a Peach Tree cocktail which had wine, rum, peach and lemon and was simply divine. If the meal wasn't being expensed and I wasn't out with co-workers, I would have had another one. While the restaurant was overall boring, the food and the drinks were top notch. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my New York City dining adventures as much as I enjoyed experiencing them!

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