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On day #3 of my NYC business trip for Book Expo, I was physically exhausted. My burned hand hurt from over use and poor healing, I had two very inconvenient blisters on my thighs and my feet felt like they were going to fall right off my legs. I couldn't catch a cab from the Javits to my hotel so I basically limped across Manhattan. By the time I collapsed on to my hotel bed, I didn't want to leave. However, this was my one opportunity to meet with my good friend Amit.

Amit and I have been friends since 1995! We met online at the AOL Nice People Only chat room and have chatted ever since. We met for the first time in NYC back in 2004 and this was a good time to see him again. I went back and forth between whether I should push my broken body out the door and go to dinner or sleep the night away.

I decided finally to meet Amit (he had traveled all the way from NJ to see me!) and he helped me out by talking to the concierge at the hotel and finding a nice restaurant nearby. In hindsight, I should have just suggested Smorgasbord Cafe which was right next door. I still kick myself for not going there!

The concierge at the Kitano Hotel assumes that everyone who is staying at the hotel wants to eat an expensive restaurant. And she chose a doozy for us.

Salute is a super expensive, high-class Italian restaurant on Madison Avenue. It cost me $10 just to get some sparkling water! Dang. I was terribly hungry when we got there so I decided to pick something on the menu that had some bulk for it's money. Everything was outrageously priced. I completely ignored the page of $40/$50 dishes. While my meal was expensed, I had a $25 limit and I ended up paying $20 more on top of that! Yikes.

Amit got the Ravioli Di Manzo: ravioli stuffed with braised beef and topped with wild mushrooms and cream. It sounded delicious but it looked more like an appetizer than a full meal. Amit seemed to enjoy it.

I got the Aragosta Con Linguine: lobster, clams and mussels served with lemon flavored linguine in a tomato and white wine sauce. It was delicious. I wouldn't say it was worth it's price but it was satisfying and hit the spot.

If you have cash to burn, try Salute. If you are visiting NYC on a dime, skip it!

I hope you enjoyed my NYC restaurant reviews. 


Magic of Spice said...

Great review, thank you!

Global Tastes & Travels Inc. said...

after busting your budget there, for the BEST vegetarian cuisine in NYC, you MUST try Tiffin Wallah before you won't even miss the lack of meat!!!

It's the only vegetarian place I eat at in NYC - would love to read your review of it!!!

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