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After long last, my kitchen finally has a food processor. And not just any food processor. It's a Cuisinart Prep 9, 9-Cup Food Processor.

Lo and behold the beauty:

She's got one button labeled "Pulse" that does all the work. It came with a regular blade, a dough blade, a slicing disk, a shredding disk, a spatula, a DVD and a user's manual with recipes. A very nice package at a very nice price.

I have been contemplating buying a food processor for many months now but have always found excuses to put it off. The biggest one was money. I just couldn't shell out $100-$200 for a food processor without something else having to give. And surprise bills popped up almost every single month taking whatever excess cash I had to put aside for the purchase. However, since the company I work for has been doing well, share-owners got a nice dividend payment. I pretended like I didn't have the money and put everything down, with the addition of a few extra dollars for this Cuisinart. Thank you dividend payment! If it wasn't for that, I'd still be procrastinating.

Why did I chose a Cuisinart? I asked a few people on Twitter which food processor they thought I should get. One tweep replied that he loved his Cuisinart so much that he wishes he could make love with it. WOW. That's one helluva recommendation. Others, not so quite enthusiastically, recommended Cuisinart so that's what I got.

Having a food processor means a lot of things. Less space and more cleaning. This Cuisinart is large and bulky. I don't have any space for it right now so it will sit on top of my microwave and I'll clear my countertop to use it. I'm moving at the end of August and the kitchen there will be much bigger, with a lot more counterspace so my darling Cuisinart will have room to breathe.

Having my food processor also opens up the possibilities of making a lot more dishes that I couldn't do in the past. I broke in my Cuisinart with a Mango-Ginger Lassi (recipe to come) and how divine it was. That machine can sure crush some ice. Now, instead of looking away from recipes that require a food processor, I can embrace them with open arms. And I hope that means lots of variety, lots of experimentation and lots of recipe posts on this blog.

Excuse me while I go kiss my Cuisinart. <3

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