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MyBlogSpark and FiberOne sent me a package of FiberOne's 90 Calorie Chewy Bars and a health gift pack to try out. They are also giving me an opportunity to do a fun giveaway with Thoughtful Eating readers!

FiberOne's 90 Calorie Chewy Bar in Chocolate 

My heart sang a beautiful song when I first took a bite out of one of these delicious bars. I do not exaggerate when I say these are heavenly. They are soft and chocolatey and I had to pace myself in order to savour each bite. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by a 90 calorie chewy bar considering I have had so many. Often times, you eat one of these low-cal bars and you burn some of those calories right off the bat with all the extra work your jaw puts in to gnaw through it. The FiberOne bars have a soft chew that is just delightful. They fall apart in your mouth but holds together well inthe package. The flavor is amazing. There is just the right amount of chocolate and it's good chocolate too. It doesn't have just a few chocolate chips. It's covered in chocolate. The pieces are covered in chocolate, there are small chocolate chips throughout, the whole bar is dipped in chocolate on the bottom and the top is drizzled with chocolate. Nom nom nom. I can't believe this thing is 90 calories and it has 5 grams of fiber, which is 20% of your recommended daily fiber requirement. This is a new favorite and while trying to write an honest review, I really couldn't find anything at fault with this product (I tried!). My only complaint is that I'm going to want to eat more than one bar which will outweigh the health benefits of a low-calorie snack. But hey, it wouldn't be a bad thing since I'd just be upping my fiber intake!

Giveaway time!

1) Find one fact on how increasing fiber in your diet can improve your health.
2) Post the fact in the comments section or e-mail the fact to me at QuelleLove at Gmail dot com.
3) Become a friend of Thoughtful Eating on Facebook (or get a friend to join) for an extra entry. If you are already a fan, indicate that and you still qualify for the extra entry (or get a friend to join ::hint, hint::)
4) If you don't have Facebook but have Twitter, tweet about this contest for an extra entry (let me know that you do).
5) You can do both Facebook and Twitter options for two extra entries.
6) You have to do the Fiber fact! Don't work around it by doing the two extra entries!
6) Enter by Thursday February 4th, 2010.
7) Winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on February 5th, 2010.

Here is what you can win:

A box of FiberOne 90 Calorie Chewy Bars
A water bottle
A diet journal
A pedometer
A carrycase for the pedometer
A snap wrist band for the pedometer

Pretty sweet deal so sign up NOW.


Meghan said...

OK, a little nervous that my science will get called out or something, but I switched to a high-fiber breakfast cereal because I read that fiber helps you stay full longer. (And I tend to get insatiably hungry by 10AM.)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Same here, I love that it fills me up. I keep a container of Fiber One shredded wheat in my studio, and I just tap into it whenever I'm feeling hungry but don't want to go make a meal :)

I'm pretty sure I'm a Facebook fan but I'll go check now, and if I'm not I'll become one :-D

mayasmom23 said...

Foods that are high in fiber can help in the treatment of constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis (the inflammation of pouches in the digestive tract) and irritable bowel syndrome

mayasmom23 said...

I became a fan on facebook. :)

Wendymoon said...

Fiber helps regulate blood sugar and may help in with absorption of minerals like calcium. Fiber is good. :-)

Wendymoon said...

And I tweeted.

John Hayes said...

Hi Raquelle: Not entering your contest--looks like fun, tho!--but saying I'm giving Thoughtful Eating a little shout out on RFBanjo today. It's in the context of an "award," but there are no strings attached as far as I'm concerned--no need to pass it on, etc. Great job you're doing here!

mumfusa said...

diet fact: fiber can help keep you, umm, regular.

i am already a facebook fan, duh, your blog rocks.

i tweeted about this contest on the lovely twitter.

Jonas Nordin said...

Flaxen seeds and really coarse oats (50% fiber)is my mornig treat. I sprinkle this jolly mixture on just about anything from yoghurt to fruit salad. I'm practically a fiber freak (or maniac as some would put it). If I don't eat fiber and lots of it every day my interior feels like sad concrete.

I'm your biggest fan by the way :)


Anonymous said...

what a lovely prize!!!!

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