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On occasion I find myself face-to-face with a dinner disaster. The other day I was trying out Cookin' Canuck's Shrimp, Avocado, Red Pepper & Dill Salad for the first time. Come to find out, the frozen shrimp I got was well below sub par and the Avocado I had purchased was almost all brown on the inside. Red Pepper and Dill Salad? I don't think so. So I abandoned the dinner and headed out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Ever since my friend and partner-in-crime Lisa introduced me to them, I've been a fan.

My favorite meal to get at Chick-fil-a consists of chicken nuggets with chick-fil-a sauce, waffle fries, a small fruit cup and an unsweetened iced tea. It's heaven on a tray.

I really like Chick-fil-a's commitment to natural, nutritious and healthy fast food. Their chicken is 100% all-white meat chicken breast. Not chicken shreds compressed together into odd shapes, but real chicken. Their delicious waffle fries are cooked peanut oil which is sans trans fat and low in cholesterol (although not so good if you have a peanut allergy). They have lots of healthy options like the fruit cup (mandarin orange, apples, grapes and strawberries) and regular salad. It is very possible to have a fattening meal there but a sensible person would have no problem chosing a healthy tray of goodies.

The folks at Chick-fil-a are super friendly too. I really appreciate that because what you get at McDonald's or other fast food chains are grumpy people who are resentful for having to serve you. I'm sure not everyone at Chick-fil-a is super happy about their job but at least they don't pass on their bad attitudes to their customer.

So everytime I go to Chick-fil-a I get treated well and I have the most wonderful time dipping their delicious chicken nuggets in that chick-fil -a sauce (which is just BBQ sauce & honey mustard but something about it makes my heart sing). I don't care for their chicken sandwiches, I ended up just taking out the patty, breaking it down to pieces and dipping those pieces into the Chick-fil-a sauce. So I'm a chicken nugget girl through and through.

Besides, I love cows and Chick-fil-a loves cows. It's a match made in Heaven.


Kate Gabrielle said...

My family hears this non-stop, but the ONE single restaurant item that I miss the most since becoming a vegetarian is Chik-fil-a nuggets. It kills me whenever my family gets that for dinner!!

mumfusa said...

oh chik-fil-a! how i love thee. i haven't had it since college, but i think i've been inspired to eat some asap.

John Hayes said...

Maybe it's an east coast thing--I've never encountered these--but sometimes you just need some fun food!

Raquel said...

Oh sweet baby J, WHERE is there a Chik-fil-A nearby? Honest to Cod, I MISS it desperately and I didn't know there was even one in Massachusetts!! I need to go, pronto. Nothing is better than waffle fries with mayo on them! I heart their fries! I think you DEFINITELY made the right choice going there instead of trying to make that dinner work! :)

Raquelle said...

Kate - Oh no! You must miss a lot of things. I remember you telling me you miss chicken piccata.

Mumfusa & Raquel - 350 bus from Alewife to Burlington Mall gets you to a Chick-fil-a

John - I think it must be east coast. It's not very prevalent here though because I only just heard about it and I only know of one location.

Lisa said...

It's actually more of a Southern thing--it's a complete fluke that they're up here!

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