Sunday Round-Up ~ January 31st, 2010

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Pad Thai  ~ SB&ST ~ "White" Girl Goes to Super 88 ::facepalm::

White Chicken Chili ~ Closet Cooking 1/18
White Chicken Chili ~ We Are Not Martha 1/26
White Chicken Chili ~ Apple-a-Day 1/27
~ So I guess White Chicken Chili is the new Black?

Jalapeno, Scallion & Avocado Cornbread ~ REC(ession)IPES ~ It looks delicious. It's budget-friendly. It's quite perfect. Maybe have some with some White Chicken Chili? But where oh where is there a recipe for that?

Beantown Brews ~ My friend Andrew has a great beer blog. You should check it out!

Chocolate Dipped Celementines ~ Healthy Eats ~ Clementine sections, dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt. Oh. my. goodness! Surely those are illegal?

Chicken, Corn and Potato Chowder ~ Cookin' Canuck ~ I've gotten lots of folks on the roster for the Cookin' Canuck fan club. I can't wait to try out this amazing looking chowder.

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