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Recently, Foodbuzz and Special K sent me some new products to try out. It just so happens that Special K's Red Berries cereal is my go-to breakfast and has a permanent spot in my pantry. I sometimes even find myself eating it for dinner when I don't feel like cooking and my stomach is feeling less than cooperative. It's just my favorite cereal. The tartness of the dried strawberries and the crunch of the flakes are really satisfying. I drown it in milk and it gives me the morning boost I need.

Even though I'm such a fan of the Red Berries cereal, I am not familiar with any of Special K's other products, with the exception of their Chocolatey Delight cereal which I wasn't all that happy with. I was looking forward to trying these two brand new products and giving my readers my honest opinion.

Special K - Low Fat Granola - Touch of Honey

~ When I first cracked open the box, I tried eating this as a straight cereal. It has a very satisfying crunch. The density of the granola fills you up so you don't have to fill your cereal bowl to the brim, like I often do with the Special K Red Berries cereal. The crunch and the texture alone are worth the consumption of a bowl of this granola. The flavor is so-so but could be punched up with a drizzle of honey.

~ Then I tried eating the granola over some lowfat plain yogurt and accompanied with some fresh strawberries. Success! It was absolutely delicious. I highly recommend eating the granola with yogurt rather than as a cereal. I wish I had some agave nectar on hand to drizzle over this delicious yogurt parfait, but alas, I didn't. It would have made the whole thing heavenly.

Special K Fruit Crisps - Strawberry

Some months ago, my friend Lisa introduced me to another brand of fruit crisps (which I will not name). At first I was a big fan of them., but then I got bored fairly quickly with the dryness of the crisps. I couldn't get over how much they tasted like cardboard and how dry the apple filling tasted. I think Special K's Fruit Crisps are a step up for sure because in the manufacturing process they forgot to add the cardboard flavor. I found that I liked the crisp and the filling. The icing on top is a  nice visual addition but doesn't add to the flavor. These would be great with a nice hot cup of tea. Because of my hypoglycemia, I need to eat small snacks in between meals to keep my blood sugar going. It's so tempting to go for a candy bar or a cookie for a quick sugar fix. I'd rather just go for a 100 Calorie treat to keep my calorie intake low. Lucky for me, one package contains two crisps and totals 100 calories (50 per crisp). I wouldn't say that the Fruit Crisps are my favorite snack but I wouldn't mind having it as fall back snack in my secret snack drawer at work.

If you have tried either of these products, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section of this post. Food manufacturers need consumer opinions so they can provide us with the best products possible.

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KellyKline said...

I have been eating the Special K granola mixed into flavored yogurt for the past week - it is delicious! I also have a sandwich bag of it in my car, in case I get a sweets craving.

I am looking for an apple crisp recipe - I think I'll try making it with the Special K granola.

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