Sunday Roundup 1-17-10

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This is a new feature in which I highlight some nice food related posts from other sites. I'll try to make this a weekly thing to post on Sunday mornings. Enjoy!

Laura's Miscellaneous Musings - Herb Popovers - Cookbook enthusiast and supporter of Thoughtful Eating makes some huge herb popovers in her latest post. I hope she continues to post recipes on her excellent site.

Robert Frost's Banjo - Hot Cockles in the Pantry - Interesting history written by John's wife Eberle about the history of food storage. Buttery, larder, pantry, it's all there.

How To Simplify - {Friday Series} How To: Simplify...Cutting and Slicing Vegetables - Since I adore chopping produce, I had fun reading this post on the different ways to process vegetables. I forwarded it to my friend Lisa so she can learn!

We Are Not Martha - Berry Banana Pancakes - I was drooling when I read this post. Who knew that wole wheat flour, soymilk, bananas and blueberries put together would make such beautiful looking pancakes.

Cookin' Canuck - Baked Chicken Drumstick Recipe with Dijon Mustard & Ancho Chile Pepper Sauce - I simply adore this blog and this recipe is just another example of the greatness that the lovely author consistently turns out.


Cookin' Canuck said...

Thanks so much for including my recipe and for your kind words. I"m looking forward to checking out the other links.

John Hayes said...

All those recipes look fantastic! Thanks for including RFBanjo!

Laura said...

How nice of you to link to the recipe! These other sites look very interesting, I'll be checking them out in detail. I enjoyed your roundup!

Best wishes,

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