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Have you ever purchased bacon and have had most of the strips go bad before you can use them all? I have! You could freeze those leftover strips to make them last longer. But if you freeze them stuck together, they will freeze together. Have you ever tried to pull apart frozen bacon strips? I have! It doesn't work. You could wait until it fully thaws, but if you don't need all those strips you are left with more than you need. Or you can cut a chunk of frozen strips and just use that. Or you could use the bacon-freezing method my mother taught me!

I only ever use bacon once in a great while or I skip it altogether because it's never in my fridge. So I decided I wanted to freeze some bacon to have it always on hand! Because a good fridge/freezer always has useful food items in it.

How to Freeze Bacon:

Behold the bacon strips!

Separate each of the strips and roll them individually. You want to roll the strips around two finger to make one roll.

Then when you have 3-4 rolls, place them in a freezer-friendly Ziploc bag. Squeeze some of the air out then put in your freezer. When you want just one or two strips of bacon, you can just pluck out a couple of the frozen rolls.

So on that morning when you are hankering for some bacon and eggs and only need a couple of strips, you have some frozen rolls waiting for you in your freezer ready to go!

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Tommy Salami said...

You can also microwave it in a safe dish- bowl is safer, because it creates a lot of grease- with a wet paper towel covering it to catch splatter.

If you like crisp bacon, this is the quickest way. And you can save the drippings for cooking.

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