The Ultimate Autumn Sandwich ~ Pumpkin Butter, Apple & Cinnamon on Nature's Pride Bread

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Autumn isn't Autumn without pumpkins and apples. You could argue too that cinnamon is a mainstay of the season especially when used to enhance the natural flavor of both those fruits. I decided to create a dessert sandwich that epitomized Autumnal flavors. This is a super easy sandwich to make and it's great for breakfast, as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack or even as dessert to cap off a nice home-cooked dinner. There is something so satisfying yet light about this sandwich. I hope you'll try it out and make it part of your Fall menu.

First I start off with Nature's Pride 100% Whole Wheat Bread. The slices are wide enough to hold a substantial amount of pumpkin butter and thick enough to hold up against the crisp apples. I toast them for this sandwich to add an extra crunch.

For the filling, start off with a nice tart Granny Smith apple. The Pumpkin butter is already very sweet so this is the perfect apple to balance out the flavors.

Halve the apple then quarter it. Core the pieces by cutting into each quarter diagonally with your knife in between the core and the flesh of the apple. Cut each quarter into thin slices. Squeeze a good amount of lemon juice over the slices, mix by hand and set aside.

Take two slices of the toasted Nature's Pride 100% Whole Wheat Bread. You can butter the outside of each bread with regular unsalted butter if you want to make it extra decadent.

Slather them with a good amount of Pumpkin Butter. You can find Pumpkin Butter at your local Trader Joe's. I got mine from my favorite high-end produce shop Wilson Farms.

One one slice of bread add a layer of apples. Then sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Close your sandwich and cut on the diagonal with a nice sharp knife. Devour happily.

One Granny Smith apple will probably make you around 4-6 sandwiches.

Have a great Fall!
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Kate Gabrielle said...

goodness, this looks delicious! like an apple pie/pumpkin sandwich!! I have all the ingredients, too so I know what I'm having for lunch :D

Raquelle said...

Kate - If you make this, please take a picture! I'll post it here and link to your grapefruit juice blog!

NoirGirl said...

this does look delicious! I've never heard of Pumpkin Butter (shame on me, I know!). I'm going to see if they sell it in my local high-end food shop. I always call it the "fancy shop" because everything they sell is so far above the grocery store. ;)

yum, yum!

Jonas Nordin said...

This wonderful sandwich may probably serve as an instant apple pie for people in a hurry.

I have never had the pleasure tasting pumpkin butter. What is it made of? Pumpkin and butter? What does it taste like?

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