Leek + Potatoes + Water = Soup

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... with seasoning based on your personal tastes. I like adding chicken bouillion, salt and pepper. Vegetable broth is great too. Leek & Potato soup is satisfying, healthy and perfect for the cold weather months.

and the soup goes really well with some grilled corn and a couple of buttermilk biscuits. Dig in!

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Kate Gabrielle said...

I haven't actually had this soup since 2005 when I went to Toronto. I ate it every single night at this little pub/restaurant called The Regal Beagle (like Three's Company) If you ever go to Toronto, you have to try that soup, it was stupendous! Their veggie burgers were to die for, too.

I think I liked that one so much I've been intimidated to try it myself!

Raquelle said...

You should try making it yourself anyways. It's ridiculously easy. And if anything, it'll bring fond memories of your trip to Toronto.

Raquel said...

Gosh, I love soup! Hurrah! I have a bunch of leftover heavy cream in my fridge so I think I'm going to make Julia Child's potato-leek soup soon--your blog inspired me to come up with a use for the cream. Hers is definitely more decadent and less healthy than yours... but I LOVE knowing that I can also make it as a broth-based, less fatty version too. :) Can't wait to see what other soups you make this season!

Raquelle said...

I've never even heard of Leek & Potato soup with cream in it. Bleh. It doesn't sound very good.

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