Eating My Way Through My Fridge & Pantry Experiment ~ Day 2

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I performed some preventitive measures. I halved an onion I had in my pantry and put the halves in ziploc bags to keep in the fridge. The onion will last longer in the fridge, whereas it will rot faster in my hot apartment.

I also took inventory of the food I had in both my fridge and pantry and came up with several meal ideas for the next 13 days. There is a bad feeling in my gut that tells me I'll be living off of frozen food and pasta for the last days of this experiment. Or that I will cave and go buy groceries. A meal plans at least gives me a shot to see this thing through.

Breakfast - I was at my parents as I needed to be in their town for a really doctor's appointment. Had some of their cereal and a fruit.

Lunch - Another can of soup. Campbell's Select Harvest: Garden Recipes Tomato Garden was the one I had today. The whole thing was only 200 calories. Holy moly! It isn't very filling on it's own though. Yesterday I had just soup and fruit and caved into purchasing a chocolate-chip scone. Today I added a small bag of Wheat Thins (I had a half box in my cupboard) to complete the meal.

I bought a whole Honey Dew Melon on Sunday and that will be my fruit for the week. Had some of it with lunch today.

Donations- My mother gave me $10 for a nice lunch. Unfortunately, I had to use that $10 for my doctor's co-pay! Shucks. My friend Lisa let me have a few bites of her blackberry crepe at lunch. I've shared crepes with her before, so this was a nice gesture. Thanks Lisa! My friend Kevin knows how broke I am and offered to take me out to Mexican food tonight. That's so sweet of him, although I had to pass because of the timing. I feel like with everyone being so generous I might make it!

Dinner - I will try to use up my fresh cucumbers and tomatoes (from my parent's garden) and the fresh mozarella I have. I was thinking of heating up some (frozen) garlic toast to go with it. Hmmm...

Jonas, my guest blogger and the curator of the wonderful blog All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!, gave me a wonderful Lentil Gratin recipe to try out. I have all the ingredients I need for it so I might make it tomorrow or later in the week.

I'm in need of snacks! I'm hypoglycemic and my blood sugar tends to fall low between meals. I usually eat something sweet at that time. Just enough sugar to raise my glucose levels, but not so much that I get a sugar high and crash later. I have a couple of Cherry Toaster Strudels but those are NOT ideal snack choices! And when those run out I'll need to be clever and come up with something else to last me through the next couple of weeks. I might have to do some experimental baking.

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