Low Carb Meals ~ Breaded & Fried Pork Chops with Green Beans

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Complex carbohydrates and dairy products have been dragging me down lately so I've been looking to reduce my intake of both. I've been interested in making some simple low carb lunches and dinners but am having a hard time coming up with some interesting combinations.

Here is one I tried!

I found a package of 2 boneless, thick-cut pork chops at Market Basket for $1.05. That price was too difficult to pass up so even though I wasn't sure what I would do with them, I went ahead and bought the chops.

I usually buy thin cut pork chops on the bone, salt and pepper them and broil them to death in the oven. A side of fried plantains always goes really well with them. I didn't want to broil these boneless thick-cut chops because I envisioned horrible, shriveled up blocks of hard pork. Euw.

I salted the chops, dipped them in an egg wash, breaded them and then fried them in light olive oil. The side was just steamed green beans. They came out pretty good! I think next time I'll try a smothered pork chop.

Do you have any good ideas for my next low carb dinner?


Jonas Nordin said...

This wonderful little meal really appeals to me, love it all!

A suggestion for a low carb meal:

A fillet of choice white fish (about 7 oz).
Let it simmer silently in stock until you find it ready (five minutes is probably enough).
Squeeze a lime over it, salt to taste and grate fresh horseradish over it.
I love my white fish with steamed potatoes but be careful, one or maybe two potatoes the size of eggs (not ostrich) is probably enough.

Raquel said...

Check out my latest blog post for my Mama Pidal's picadillo recipe! Using lean turkey, it's pretty healthy and delish. Plus it makes for delicious leftovers. And nary a carb nor bit o'dairy in sight. :) XOXO

PS: I should try this recipe, I love pork.

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