Eating Through My Fridge & Pantry Experiment ~ Day 11

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Today I feel like a failure... Like I really haven't made that significant of a dent in my fridge and pantry and I'm already on day 11! Eek!

I went through and threw out a whole bunch of things from my pantry. I had some old coffee grounds, baking mixes, cereal boxes, etc. but I didn't make that big of a dent. So the catharsis I was expecting didn't really happen. I'm going to go through my fridge tonight to purge. Maybe a double-purge will make me feel better.

I cooked my half-bag of lentils in my pantry last night and put the cooked lentils in the fridge. I'm going to make my friend Jonas' recipe for Lentil Gratin. I hope to put the full recipe

Breakfast - I had the blueberry crisp for breakfast... Not a good idea. It was too sweet to have as a complete meal and I couldn't eat much of it without getting a sugar high. A basic cereal would have gone down much better. I made Recessionista Brewed Coffee again.

Snack - I had 4 peanut butter cookies. 2 for a mid-morning snack and 2 for a mid-afternoon snack. I ate one, then another, then another, then the last one until I realized there were no more left. Damn!

Lunch - This is one of the reasons I feel like a failure. I had to spend $12 on a lunch that I didn't even really want. It was a triple birthday celebration in my department. We went to an American-Italian restaurant where I had a Chicken Caesar salad with no beverage. It's $6.95 plus tax and tip. I wish I had gotten the Chicken Parm sandwich that came with a salad which was $5.25 and looked delicious (my boss had it). We split the whole bill evenly so I had to kick in extra for people's more expensive plates and for their beverages. I really shouldn't be complaining because on birthday outings usually everyone pays for their meal plus part of the birthday boy or girl's meal. This time because we grouped the 3 birthdays into one, everyone paid on their own. This is quite nice. But I wish we had celebrated on the 15th when I would have money. Good grief, if I penny pinch anymore I'll kill the nerves on the tips of my fingers.

Dinner - Lentil Gratin! Stay tuned...

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