Photo Entry: What's in my Fridge and Pantry

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I thought it would be neat to post some pictures of the contents of my fridge and pantry. It's a good way for me to show what my food inventory is plus it will be interesting to compare this to how my kitchen looks once my project is done.

See Kate Gabrielle! I have grapefruit juice!

The viability of this collection of frozen vegetables worries me.

I have lots of possibilities for meals in my freezer. I am trying desperately to figure out something I can do with those pie shells! Hmmm...

I will be dependent on these drawers as well. Salsa, tuna, beets, pineapple, soup, etc.

Here is where I keep the snacks, dessert mixes and egg noodles. This stuff will go very fast.


Kate Gabrielle said...

yay for Grapefruit Juice!!! :D

And I love Texas Toast.. I could eat a whole box by myself!

Laura said...

Just a note that I'm enjoying your series. Good luck in the coming days!

Best wishes,

Raquelle said...

Kate Gabrielle- Your enthusiasm for grapefruit juice as rubbed off on me. Now I'm never without a carton in my fridge.

Laura - Thank you! I hope this is interesting for folks. I know it's a good exersize for me to do.

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