Eating Through My Fridge & Pantry Experiment ~ Day 9

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If I ever had children, I am certain that I would be a good mother. That is, if the definition of a "good mother" would be cooking and baking and stuffing her children silly with all sorts of food. That I could do! I have this overwhelming maternal instinct to feed people and I get more enjoyment out of watching them scarf down my creations than I do eating my own cooking. I have a need to feed.

My friend Kevin is coming over to my place tonight and he's bringing freshly-picked blueberries and in return I'm going to cook and bake for him. For dinner, I'm going to put to use the Kashi Frozen Pizza - Roasted Vegetable I have in the freezer. Also, using some of my iceberg lettuce, tomato and a cucumber that my mother forced on me, I'll make a salad to go along with the pizza.

I'm wondering what I should do with Kevin's blueberries? I have 2 Mrs. Smith's Pie Crusts in the freezer. I put them out to thaw. Depending on how many blueberries Kevin has I could make a blueberry pie or blueberry turnovers. I can always make the standard blueberry crumble. I really wish I had some nectarines to make a nectarine-blueberry pie!!!

Also, 3 people out of my 7-person department at work have birthdays. So I used my Betty Crocker-Hershey's Original Supreme Brownie Mix (my favorite standby) and the Andes Creme De Menthe baking chips I had in my pantry and fridge to make Creme De Menthe chip Brownies. I expect marriage proposals upon consumption. I have made these brownies before and they have been a success. Just make the brownies according to the box instructions but add the Creme De Minthe chips (about 1-1/2 cups or so) to the dry mix and toss to coat before adding wet ingredients. This prevents the chips from sinking to the bottom of the brownies.

Here is what I had earlier:

Breakfast - Cereal and Recessionista Brewed Coffee. I have to say that Frosted Mini Wheats are NOT budget friendly. They absorb a lot of milk and it takes a lot of milk to drown them because of their bulky size. You can easily go through a quart of milk in a few days eating this cereal! I am going to experiment tomorrow eating them in a shallow bowl to use less milk as I'm really dependent on the milk I have to last me until Monday.

Lunch - This week I'll be working through my frozen foods. Today it's Swanson's Mexican Style Fiesta. I also chopped up a whole Cantaloupe yesterday and will be eating portions of it throughout the week with some whole strawberries thrown in.


Jonas Nordin said...

Woaah! I thought Swanson Classics was something completely different than Mexican fiesta burritos! Go Raquel!

Raquelle said...

Jonas - That took me a few moments before I figured you were talking about Gloria Swanson. LOL!

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