Eating Through My Fridge & Pantry Experiment ~ Day 7

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My mother is determined to sabotage this project! I have to go back and return all this unusable food she gave me "out of the goodness of her heart". I use that phrase in quotations because really my mom likes to correct my life or save me whenever she can. The only donations I'm accepting from her are milk, eggs, bread and juice. That's it! The rest I'm returning to her tomorrow.

I went grocery shopping this morning for produce with a $20 limit. I ended up only spending $15.18 and bought all of this.

1 lemon
2 plum tomatoes
2 small iceberg lettuce heads
Green beans
Wax beans
A whole Cantaloupe
1 pint of Strawberries
Small head of broccoli
Jar of salsa

I finally had the Zaftigs leftovers for lunch. Have to say that the potato latke and the brisket was much better hot and fresh than reheated. Bleh. But it's okay. It was a fulfilling lunch that I will work off with some hiking today.

Tonight I plan to make dinner for my beau and myself. I'm going to make a Mexican Plate using my box of Goya Yellow Rice, my bag of Tostitos chips, my 2 cans of Ortega Refried Beans, some of my leftover cheddar cheese and a few ingredients from this morning's shopping trip. It's going to be vegetarian as I don't have any meat. I'm hoping all the refried beans will make up for the otherwise lack of protein.

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